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Reviving the beauty of yesteryears, contemporised for our generations

Handwoven and homespun gave way to cheaper machine-made fabrics, handcrafted wooden block printing gave way to printed mass produced designs. Copper and brass kitchen ware made space for microwave safe ceramics.


The traditional crafts and skills handed down the generations are in danger of dying out, as the skilled artisans migrate to anonymity and the indignity of the poor migrant to the cities.


As a way to return the dignity, there is a move towards appreciating the handcrafted once again. At EkiBeki, we give the artisans a new channel to upskill the old crafts, give the karigar new designs and access to new technology. To keep his skills relevant in our modern world.


Like for instance, Meenakari, the dying art of enameling on copper, now is used to create amazing wall plates using the same techniques. The artisans use leftover chips from tambat ali copper vessels to create wall plates, tea light holders, even modern jewelry.


Every purchase you make supports in upskilling the artisans directly. EkiBeki is a not-for-profit organisation. As Mr Yogesh Joshi, Kuala Lumpur said, "Instead of charity donations, this is a great way to support the artisans." 

Let us all bring back the pride and joy in the ethnic handcrafted beauties, that bring the past and the present together.   

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Join us?

We are volunteer driven, and we could always use your help in spreading the word. Whether you buy our products or share our pages with your friends, every little bit helps. If you have an upcoming exhibition, do invite EkiBeki. This is a great opportunity for those looking to give back to society in ways beyond the usual.

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