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EkiBeki workshops

At EkiBeki, we are constantly building ourselves & learning from the past for a stronger future. Our passion revolves around the community we have built and we are trying to educate the community around us about dying crafts of India. The word ‘Eki’ amongst all the other beautiful meanings it has, also stands for being ‘united’. We embody Unity in Diversity, diversity of the artforms, crafts, culture and traditions. Most of these art forms are not seeing the light of the day in this modernizing world and the artisans who spent years mastering the art, are losing their livelihood to this change.

We at EkiBeki want to help bring these crafts back, not just to help the artisans live a life of dignity but to also reacquaint the youth to the beautiful culture and history of diverse arts that this country has to offer.

With our specialized workshops we want to share & spread awareness about the cultural value of crafts in the urban markets amongst students & individuals of different ages, interests, sentiments, and pursuits. This will not only change the perspective about Indian arts and crafts in society but will also provide skilled artisans and craftsmen a fresh avenue to earn their livelihood with more & more people coming forward in our support.

Few glimpses of our past craft workshops
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Sophia College
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Conducting a workshop?

EkiBeki conducts workshops when invited rent free as our monies is allocated to upskilling the artisans. If you would like to invite us, please take a moment to fill out the form.

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