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Why EkiBeki?

Our indigenous crafts give us a glimpse of the glories past, to the time when art and the artisan were much revered. In different parts of the world, there is a movement towards supporting indigenous art forms, and we are so happy that the term Made in India encompasses a new relevance for traditional crafts. 

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Like all social issues there is a vicious cycle at play
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Artisans engaged in traditional crafts are struggling to survive. Many move to other occupations and migrate to cities where they lack dignity and are detached from their families and their society. On the other hand, consumers are denied the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of these traditional crafts.

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At EkiBeki, we upskill the artisans so that they live a richer, more fruitful life. And we retain the beauty of the handmade in our machine-run modern world

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eki [lang. marathi, \EY-ki\]: odd / unique / oneness / unity

beki [lang. marathi, \BEY-ki\]: even / common / duality / diversity

EkiBeki. The Yin and Yang in Chinese philosophy. Inyo in Japanese culture. The philosophy as old as time means the oneness of interests, sentiments, and pursuits among different groups or entities.

Who are we

EkiBeki is a not for profit organization dedicated to preserving, sustaining, and growing the dying crafts of India. We aim to revive the folk arts and crafts of India, help generate sustainable livelihoods for artisans, and help the artisans grow the community craft clusters without migrating to bigger cities.


Creating sustainable livelihoods through crafts


To use traditional craft skills and create high quality handcrafted lifestyle products, both contemporary and aspirational.


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Design driven social enterprise upskilling artisans in India to produce contemporary handcrafted products using traditional crafts

Contact Us:

House No. 1
4, Bhaimala Behrampada, Post Kamarle Taluka Alibaug, District Raigad
- 402209, India

+91 9820232515

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