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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Three children of artisans have come back to their villages and are working full-time. One of them is even a diploma holder in engineering, and now works as a Chitrakathi artisan. 

In another case, the Alibaug copper enameling industry was on the verge of shutting down. However with the children of artisans coming back and learning the required skills from their fathers, the art form has come back to life.


We trained 100+ women in Odisha to be able to utilize the three-four hours that they have in a day. The goal was to help them achieve maximum production while maintaining quality. Creating molds and standard measurement processes helped us achieve this. Due to this, even if the products are made at different places, they are similar but maintain a handcrafted element with little variations between each product.


We introduce you to some of our stars

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Team EkiBeki

Welcome to our vibrant community from diverse backgrounds, united by a common passion – the revival of artforms and the empowerment of artisans. At EkiBeki, we believe in the transformative power of creativity and the positive impact it can have on both individuals and communities. 

EkiBeki is an equal opportunity employer, our team is a mosaic of talents that bring together different backgrounds and expertise, diverse locations and ages. All dedicated to the cause of sustaining Indian traditional artforms and supporting artisans in their livelihoods. 

core office team EkiBeki
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Advisory board

The EkiBeki Advisory Board is a distinguished assembly of thought leaders and experts who guide and enrich our mission at EkiBeki. Meet the individuals who form the backbone, guiding us on a journey of meaningful impact and transformative change. Together, we navigate the intersection of tradition and innovation, striving for a future where art thrives, and artisans flourish.

Neelesh Hundekari

Partner at Kearney, APAC Head for Apparel, Lifestyle and Luxury Practice. India lead for Leadership, Change & Organisation.

Pallavi Kanchan

Finance Professional

Join us?

EkiBeki is an equal opportunity employer, whether you belong to urban India or elsewhere. We often create employment opportunities for members of the artisan families, based on their own expertise and inclinations. 

We are also volunteer driven, and we could always use your help for exhibitions and workshops we conduct for corporates. Training is provided in house, and this is a great opportunity for those looking to give back to society in ways beyond the usual.

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