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How we do it

"There are an estimated 200 million skilled and semi-skilled artisans engaged in crafts on a part-time basis. And largely comprises women (56%) and people from economically weaker sections of society." 

(Source: 200millionartisans)


The EkiBeki aim- We try to do our bit to make people (whether locally or the global desi) more aware of the treasure trove of art in India, while also creating livelihoods for artisans.


Initially, the  artisans themselves did not believe they could earn a steady livelihood through their craft and skills. The younger generation had started migrating to cities, after seeing the struggles their parents went through, they didn’t believe they could make a living through the same skills. 


However, by paying artisans what they deserve and showing that their craft and talent matter has changed the minds of the younger generation.

How EkiBeki creates an impact
1. Livelihood generation

Provides and encourages sustainable livelihood for the marginalised  communities in their native land

2. Controls migration

Controls migration to overburdened cities and saves artisans from leading a life of isolation

3. Women empowerment
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4. Sustainable products

Helps create products from sustainable, locally available, & natural materials

5. Low carbon footprint

Decreases carbon footprint as handcrafted products use local resources and are easily recyclable

6. Profits to poducers

Empowers women and improves social and gender equity, justice and dignity of rural and semi-urban inhabitants

Require low capital investments and adds high value and profits to the rural econmy

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